The Patrick McCurdy Education Foundation

It is our mission to lay the world at the studentsí feet;
allowing them to choose their opportunities.

The PMEF Story

Sometimes out of the ugliness of tragedy comes some beauty; this is one of those times.

On March 17, 2003 Patrick McCurdy, his wife, Katie Barr and their daughter, Olivia, were on their way to school in Pleasant Hill when they were struck by an oncoming truck. Katie was the only survivor in the car.  Patrick was a beloved guidance counselor and Katie was an English teacher, both at Pleasant Hill High School. Olivia was a student in Pleasant Hill's preschool. 

There was immense out-pouring of caring and financial support from the Pleasant Hill community, as well as from friends in the Chicago area, creating a memorial fund at Pleasant Hill High School in honor of Patrick and Olivia. This fund resulted in the creation of the Reaching Out Mentoring Program in both the Pleasant Hill and South Lane School Districts.

With the cooperation of Pleasant Hill School District and friends and family of Patrick McCurdy, the Patrick McCurdy Education Foundation (PMEF) was formed as a public-benefit, nonprofit corporation in 2004 with the intention of encompassing all ages of learners in Oregon and Illinois.

Patrick and Olivia brought much love to the Pleasant Hill community. Patrick has had a lasting impact on the school district passing along his passion for helping struggling students succeed.  The Reaching Out Mentoring Program is a living legacy to Patrick and Olivia McCurdy.

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