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It is our mission to lay the world at the studentsí feet;
allowing them to choose their opportunities.


Mentoring Works!

What the Reaching Out Mentoring Program has achieved in the past 10 years:

  • 60% of mentees reported feeling close to their mentor
  • 75% of parents reported that having a mentor for their child had a positive impact on behavior at home
  • 90% of teachers reported having mentors for disadvantaged students has made a difference in class (better attendance and class participation, and improved academic performance).

Mentoring is a bridge. †Thousands of children in our communities are eager to connect with adults who are willing to listen and be available to them. †There are many options and opportunities in mentoring. †In fact, mentoring is one of the most powerful ways to combat the gaps (generational, racial, cultural, financial) between people in our society. Mentoring Works for all of us! †(source: The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania)

  • Mentored young people are 46% less likely to get involved with drugs. (source: Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America)
  • 59% improve their grades. (source: Career Beginnings)
  • 86% went on to higher education. (source: Proctor & Gamble)
  • 80% of youth involved in the juvenile detention system who received a mentor did not return to that system. (source: Prison Fellowship)

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