The Patrick McCurdy Education Foundation

It is our mission to lay the world at the studentsí feet;
allowing them to choose their opportunities.

ROMP Mentoring


Children who might be:

  • In need of academic and/or social support.
  • Absent from class repeatedly for various reasons such as tardy, truancy, suspension, time-outs for misbehavior.
  • In need of a positive adult role model who, along with parents and teachers, can help give a child a more equal chance in life. 


A large body of research highlights the importance of positive role models in helping young people to acquire social, emotional and educational skills. Additional research demonstrates a correlation between time alone without a role model, and the emergence of at-risk behaviors such as substance abuse, crime and violence.

Young people need to use discretionary time for their development, and when given the choice, they will seek opportunities for skill development, relationship building and self-exploration, as well as opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the community. You can have a hand in molding that type of young person!


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